RALfie – Remote Access Laboratories for Fun, Innovation and Education

2014-04-02 10.20.25RALfie uses Lego Mind storm technology to engage students in active construction of vehicles that respond to computer programming.

Although your school might not have the resources to purchase expensive set-up technology for this activity, a project team at the University of Southern Queensland is working tirelessly to provide remote access to technology labs.  Eventually students will be able to develop programs on a remote computer kilometers away from the lab and send the program to the Mind storm lab through a remote server.  Watch this space for updates on the development of the Remote Access Program!

The technology has numerous links to the Technologies curriculum, particularly the processes and production skills of the Design and Technologies Strand and the Digital Technologies strand.  For example:

Digital Technologies- processes and production skills 

Manage the creation and communication of ideas and information including online collaborative projects, applying agreed ethical, social and technical protocols (ACTDIP022)

The above content descriptor could be explored through the use of problem-based unit of work.  Students might be required to construct or implement a certain event, or sequence of events, ensuring certain events are achieved during the construction process.  Students might be required to communicate meaning from another key learning area.

Design and Technologies- processes and production skills

Develop project plans that include consideration of resources when making designed solutions individually and collaboratively (ACTDEP028)

Students love to build robots with Mind storm technologies.  Perhaps the project might require groups to collaboratively construct and program the robots to undertake robot stand-offs, ensuring students undertake certain events during construction.

Check out the program here!


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