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Mrs Pickrell’s Technology Adventure –

From – March 10, 2014 6:05pm

Mrs Pickrell looks at how unrealistic curriculum requirements can be for schools in rural and remote locations with limited resources.  She conducted an action research in order to explore this issue and possible implications in the primary setting.  She considers numerous issues such as hardware selection and suggests numerous solutions and suggestions for overcoming these obstacles.  The author carefully considers the introduction of limited new hardware and the re-invented use of old hardward.  For example, the c.d. player is used with headphones to read students their spelling words for the week allowing the teacher to work with other year levels in a multi-age classroom.

This concept of using technologies creatively to find solutions for problems is a key concept in the Design and Technologies strand of the Australian Curriculum.  The author also provides links to some great sites such as edtech digest which explore implementing technology learning with limited resources.

You can check out Mrs Pickrell’s blog here!


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