Educational Learning and Mobile Technology


From – May 1, 2014, 6:04pm

This Educational Learning and Mobile Technology website contains an online library of mobile learning technology including Ipad app suggestions and free downloads including audio books for children, internet safety resources and graphic organizers!

Check out this page of the site which has some really great videos exploring augmented reality in the classroom!

There is an abundance of resources on this new technology so start exploring!  Augmented reality has numerous links to the Technologies curriculum of the Australian Curriculum and the general capability, 

Imagine exploring the implications of this technology for society with the following elaboration in the year 5/6 band in the Digital Technologies processes and production skills sub-strand:

“imagining how the functioning of one type of information system could be applied in a new way to meet a community or national need, for example considering how an electronic tracking system such as a global positioning system (GPS) could be used to find people who are lost”  (ACTDIP021)

Consider the amazing possibilities for learning with this technology!!


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