Out of Your Hands

Out of Your Hands Image

Out of Your Hands is an United Kingdom website that provides resources for the development of cyber safety and awareness of digital literacies.  The website is structured by student age level and provides teacher background information as well as student activities.  The website is aligned to the English Curriculum however strong alignments can be found in Australian National Curriculum.

Within the technologies curriculum, the strand, Digital Technologies, contains a sub-strand titled, ‘Digital Technologies processes and production skills’.  This strand requires students to explore the ethical, social and technical protocols surrounding technology use.  Above all, students are required to consider and always abide by strong safety protocols.

These considerations are explored on this website, providing information for teachers and students that build understanding for learning experiences.  In addition, the site also provides links to other website exploring issues such as online safety and cyber-bullying.



These resources enable teachers to help their students use technologies whilst still considering their obligation for student safety.


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