Why I Hate School But Love Education

Why are we teachers? This brilliant video has really struck a chord with me. I have been wondering why we teach, what is our purpose? What is the purpose of education? What am I hoping to achieve as a teacher? My idealistic and philosophical ideas of education have crashed like waves on a rock as I grapple with the misalignment of my ideas and C2C units, prescriptive assessment tasks and NAPLAN. How is it possible that these pathetic excuses for education are synonymous with the true purpose of education. I love that there are others out there that are challenging the institution of education.



Hi everyone,

If you are looking for some resources for prac, check out SparkleBox.  The site has some great little supplementary resources to support your lessons.  It also has some great signs which will be really helpful when we are building our resource bank.  I am using some of the ideas for spelling to develop my very own Bingo spelling cards.  However, I have already used some of the resources as signs in my previous lesson.  Definately worth a look as they have resources for all key teaching areas and other aspects of the classroom including behaviour management.

Great Video!

Wow!! Check out this brilliant video that Emma has posted on her blog. The message is loud and strong and just what I needed at this point in my prac. Rita has given me such brilliant inspiration to try harder to forge relationships with the students in my class. I can see so many of the students are struggling through the day, just dying to have someone to believe in them, to listen to their stories and forget about home life for a bit.
Every child deserves a champion!

Emma Pails's Blog

Hey guys just one last thing!

Check out this video that my EDX3270 tutors sent out this morning. It is a very inspirational video for all the teachers and future educators out there! Defiantly worth watching guys. It makes me stop and think how powerful and important our job will be when we are educators out in the big bad world! Your students will need to like you to learn from you! Children don’t learn anything from people they don’t like! Every child deserves to be a champion, to be the best that can possibly be. We can do this guys! We are educators, we were born to make a difference.


Click on this link to view this inspirational video!

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Nindigully Pub!

I had lunch today at the Nindigully Pub!  The Nindigully Pub is located in the middle of whoop whoop, somewhere around St. George and Dirranbandi!  The pub is a brilliant little pub that is quite the destination for the grey nomads.  The Nindigully pub is famous for their exceptionally large burgers, B & S celebrations and the annual New Year’s Eve fireworks display!  Check out the photos below!  I would definitely recommend spinning over there if you are ever in the region!


Billy Lids Tour May 2013

This weekend I have been travelling around some rural communities in south west Queensland delivering hockey programs.  I was working with SWIN (South West Indigenous Network) in order to deliver active programs to playgroups in rural communities to promote and active and healthy lifestyles.  The tour started at Mooney and Westmar state schools, delivering hockey in conjunction with other sports from Toowoomba.  We also visited Dirranbandi, St. George and Dalby Mums and Bubs communities!! It was a brilliant week, providing many opportunities to learn and experience rural communities. ImageImage

Brilliant Use of ICT Resource in Everyday life!

Man from Amigoes

I was having dinner at Amigoes recently, when the waiter came over he took our order using an Ipad app.  The app allowed the waiter to choose our options from the menu and place our orders on our ‘virtual table’.  The app then sent our orders straight to the kitchen!  When our orders were ready, the waiters were able to bring the food straight out to our table and knew exactly what each of us had ordered.  The waiter said that the introduction of the new app was a recent development for the restaurant.  At the conclusion of our meal, fixing up the bill was so easy!  The waiter knew exactly what each of us had ordered including drinks!  What a fantastic use of ICT’s in everyday life for beautiful efficiency, accuracy and professionalism.

Check out the app at this site!