Maths resource from my PLN

Hi everyone,
A couple of people have already shared this fantastic resource blogged by Felicia, which is a fantastic demonstration how how effective PLN’s can be. If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out this site for your maths assignment. There are fantastic games to help develop mathematical skills for students from prep right up to year 10.


Felicia Van Der Meer

The majority of what I have taught within the classroom is Maths. I LOVE MATHS. I was searching the web for some authentic maths resources that I could use for early finishes within the classroom. This one nearly deserves a drum roll… I found a GREAT one!! I’ve attached the URL below. The website is called IXL and provides resources for preschool all the way to year 10 (They’re working on 11 and 12). All of the year levels except preschool help over 100 skills within their mathematic areas.

And what is even more fantastic is that it is directly aligned with the Australian Curriculum! Check it out ladies and gents, this one is a winner.

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