Quesstgarden – Webquest

Check out Pearta Nolan’s Webquest!
Pearta has made a brilliant start on the assignment. I love the easy simplicity of the webquest for year 1 students. The webquest is set out in a very easy to read way and would be very engaging for young students.

Mrs Nolan


I wanted to post this information in regards to Questgarden, I am 3 weeks into creating my webquest and wanted to let you all know of the experience that I have endured.

So much of this time has gone into the set up and creation of my unit focus and lessons, however a good amount of time has gone into the creation and formation of this webquest.  Although it took a little bit of time in the beginning to get my head around how to embed you tube clips and photos, I can now say that I am quite proficient in the field of webquests.

I have included a link to my first webquest ‘The Grinch Has Stolen Christmas’ I would also love your thoughts and will take all feedback on board.  Please remember that I am still working on the learning sequence and teaching pages but I am…

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