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Check out this image posted by Ange Rhodes! Ange reminds us how convenient and efficient technology has become!

Academically Speaking

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Doesn’t this picture say it all? It’s crazy to think that all of the devices showed in the top image are all condensed into one in the bottom image! I have an iPhone and I use it for just about everything- maps, internet, camera/ video camera, social networking, torch, calorie counting, calculator, clock, alarm clock and of course for phone calls, text messages and sharing images. I can’t imagine having a separate device for each of these tasks and having to carry them all around in my handbag- not convient at all! Technology really does make things simpler and more convenient.

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71 ICT Ideas in Education

The following video contains come excellent stimuli to help get you thinking about some innovative ways we can incorporate ICT’s into the classroom. I found several of the suggestions were particularly helpful as I was brainstorming ideas for my second assignment. Check it out! 🙂

Maths resource from my PLN

Hi everyone,
A couple of people have already shared this fantastic resource blogged by Felicia, which is a fantastic demonstration how how effective PLN’s can be. If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out this site for your maths assignment. There are fantastic games to help develop mathematical skills for students from prep right up to year 10.


Felicia Van Der Meer

The majority of what I have taught within the classroom is Maths. I LOVE MATHS. I was searching the web for some authentic maths resources that I could use for early finishes within the classroom. This one nearly deserves a drum roll… I found a GREAT one!! I’ve attached the URL below. The website is called IXL and provides resources for preschool all the way to year 10 (They’re working on 11 and 12). All of the year levels except preschool help over 100 skills within their mathematic areas.

And what is even more fantastic is that it is directly aligned with the Australian Curriculum! Check it out ladies and gents, this one is a winner.

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National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Hi Everyone,

I just thought I would share the following resource with everyone.  Ian showed us some of the resources on this site during the tutorial last week.  The site is an excellent resource to use for the maths assignment when we are creating our webquest.  Instead of focusing purely on the skills or strategies of mathematics, the games help students develop a more conceptual understanding by allowing students to virtually manipulate resources.

Check it out ! NLVM

Reflection on Learning: Week 7

Hi Everyone,

This week, I have continued to develop my second assignment involving the construction of a history unit overview for year 1 students.  I am feeling quite confident I will be relatively satisfied with my end product, I think there may definitely be room for improvement with my ICT resources.  The ICT that I consider to be the most effective for deep engaging student learning involves the students completing an online webquest.  As most of you, my fellow students, are familiar with this program, you can imagine how effective an online exploration will be the development of my historical inquiry.  If you are yet to check out a webquest, this site offers excellent facilities to develop a highly effective and engaging learning experience.


Quesstgarden – Webquest

Check out Pearta Nolan’s Webquest!
Pearta has made a brilliant start on the assignment. I love the easy simplicity of the webquest for year 1 students. The webquest is set out in a very easy to read way and would be very engaging for young students.

Mrs Nolan


I wanted to post this information in regards to Questgarden, I am 3 weeks into creating my webquest and wanted to let you all know of the experience that I have endured.

So much of this time has gone into the set up and creation of my unit focus and lessons, however a good amount of time has gone into the creation and formation of this webquest.  Although it took a little bit of time in the beginning to get my head around how to embed you tube clips and photos, I can now say that I am quite proficient in the field of webquests.

I have included a link to my first webquest ‘The Grinch Has Stolen Christmas’ I would also love your thoughts and will take all feedback on board.  Please remember that I am still working on the learning sequence and teaching pages but I am…

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Creating a Webquest

I am currently constructing a virtual webquest for course EDX 3280.   Initially, after selecting my curriculum standards and the general direction I wanted the lesson to go, I set about finding a few quality resources.  I think that finding engaging, instructional and age appropriate resources are essential to an effective webquest.  Many resources that I have considered are engaging and colourful, however the games are rarely concept based.  Instead, mathematical games tend to focus on the skills of the concepts.  Such games would more effective helping students consolidate learning, after students have already discovered strategies and skills for themselves.

If you are focusing on shape for your webquest, I found a fantastic resource for creating virtual geometric shapes.  The site allows students to create any geometric shape they could imagine, using tools to label sides, faces or vertices.

Check out the resource at Geogebra!