I am looking at developing my personal understanding of the ICT ‘Prezie’.  I will endeavour to use this ICT to create a multimodal presentation for an assignment in EDX 2190.  As I am unfamiliar with site, I will be watching the following tutorial on the Prezie site to develop my literacy of this technology.

Prezi Website

My personal learning network as allowed me to ascertain that I will not be able to directly upload my Prezie straight to Youtube, however Ange Rhodes has already discovered a method to overcome this obstacle.  She found a program that you can download and record a screen shot of my prezie video while it is playing, which I can then upload straight to Youtube! Thank you Ange Rhodes for saving me hours of investigation!

Check out her blog by clicking on the link:

Academically Speaking – Ange’s Blog

Can’t wait to get started with Prezzie! 🙂


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