I have been discovering the TPACK Framework this week:

TPACK = Technological Pedagogical Content Framework

The framework identifies the different areas of knowledge that teachers need in order to combine content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and technological knowledge to maximally engage students in deep conceptual learning.

I have come to the following understandings regarding the framework, however I have a feeling that my understanding of the concept will develop more fully over the coming weeks.

PK – pedagogical knowledge (the knowledge of learning activities teachers employ for learning experiences; the ‘how’ of teaching)

CK – content knowledge (the knowledge of the content of a specific subject)

PCK – pedagogical content knowledge (the difference between a brilliant scientist and a teacher who knows how to brilliantly design learning experiences for deep conceptual understanding of scientific concepts)

TK – technological knowledge (the knowledge of how to use ICT’s)

TCK – technological content knowledge (the knowledge to know how to implement ICT’s with the particular context of a specific content base)

TPK – technological pedagogical knowledge (the knowledge of how to use ICT’s to effectively deliver a deep meaningful learning experience using your pedagogical knowledge)

TPACK – technological pedagogical content knowledge (results in ‘good teaching’ when teachers can combine all elements of the framework)

I have included a diagram that easily demonstrates the relationship between the elements of the framework.  Simply click on the picture if you would like to check out the TPACK website.

TPACK framework

Reproduced by permission of the publisher, © 2012 by tpack.or

Check out Nadine’s post on TPACK, she has included some great resources for further investigation at the end of her blog!

Nadine’s News


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