Tool Belt Theory Practice

Hi Everyone,

I am finding that there are so many things that I can apply the toolbelt theory too!

This week, I have really struggled to maintain the workload for the course.  I find that I have the initial time to engage with the development of my personal learning network, however, throughout the week, I struggle to stay up to date with news throughout the course.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I will endeavour to resolve this issue in the coming week.  I will use the tool belt framework to do so:
Task:  stay up to date with course content

Environment: busy schedule, limited internet access

Skills:  I am able to use email effectively, I am able to effectively time manage

Tools:  Use email to ensure I am receiving notifications of all events occurring in my PLN, using literacy skills (i.e. skimming) to ensure I read required information, phone access to email (i.e. i can use my phone to read blog posts and forum posts during my lunch hour)

Check out the following links for more information about Toolbelt Theory:

Blog Post Introducing Toolbelt Theory

SpeEd Change Website


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