Why I use ICT’s in my classroom!

Front shot video edc 3100

The following video contains an overview of several reasons for the integration of ICT’s within my classroom.  Please click on the image to watch the video or follow the link below:

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It’s free and fun!


I am looking at developing my personal understanding of the ICT ‘Prezie’.  I will endeavour to use this ICT to create a multimodal presentation for an assignment in EDX 2190.  As I am unfamiliar with site, I will be watching the following tutorial on the Prezie site to develop my literacy of this technology.

Prezi Website

My personal learning network as allowed me to ascertain that I will not be able to directly upload my Prezie straight to Youtube, however Ange Rhodes has already discovered a method to overcome this obstacle.  She found a program that you can download and record a screen shot of my prezie video while it is playing, which I can then upload straight to Youtube! Thank you Ange Rhodes for saving me hours of investigation!

Check out her blog by clicking on the link:

Academically Speaking – Ange’s Blog

Can’t wait to get started with Prezzie! 🙂

RSA Animate

Hi Everyone,

I am finally managing to keep up with the work load for this course.  During the weekly activities this week I came across an activity that contained a RSA animate movie on the virtues of utilising a web based design rather than a tree metaphor.  I was quite intriqued by the video, not only the content but also the ICT’s employed for the production.

After a quick google search around the topic, I managed to find the following blog post about RSA animation and effective use of this ICT in the classroom.  The blog moves through the process of creating a RSA animate with a actual class.

The footage, ideas and inspirations are fantastic! Check it out!

RSA Animate Blog Post

Tool Belt Theory Practice

Hi Everyone,

I am finding that there are so many things that I can apply the toolbelt theory too!

This week, I have really struggled to maintain the workload for the course.  I find that I have the initial time to engage with the development of my personal learning network, however, throughout the week, I struggle to stay up to date with news throughout the course.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I will endeavour to resolve this issue in the coming week.  I will use the tool belt framework to do so:
Task:  stay up to date with course content

Environment: busy schedule, limited internet access

Skills:  I am able to use email effectively, I am able to effectively time manage

Tools:  Use email to ensure I am receiving notifications of all events occurring in my PLN, using literacy skills (i.e. skimming) to ensure I read required information, phone access to email (i.e. i can use my phone to read blog posts and forum posts during my lunch hour)

Check out the following links for more information about Toolbelt Theory:

Blog Post Introducing Toolbelt Theory

SpeEd Change Website


I have been discovering the TPACK Framework this week:

TPACK = Technological Pedagogical Content Framework

The framework identifies the different areas of knowledge that teachers need in order to combine content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and technological knowledge to maximally engage students in deep conceptual learning.

I have come to the following understandings regarding the framework, however I have a feeling that my understanding of the concept will develop more fully over the coming weeks.

PK – pedagogical knowledge (the knowledge of learning activities teachers employ for learning experiences; the ‘how’ of teaching)

CK – content knowledge (the knowledge of the content of a specific subject)

PCK – pedagogical content knowledge (the difference between a brilliant scientist and a teacher who knows how to brilliantly design learning experiences for deep conceptual understanding of scientific concepts)

TK – technological knowledge (the knowledge of how to use ICT’s)

TCK – technological content knowledge (the knowledge to know how to implement ICT’s with the particular context of a specific content base)

TPK – technological pedagogical knowledge (the knowledge of how to use ICT’s to effectively deliver a deep meaningful learning experience using your pedagogical knowledge)

TPACK – technological pedagogical content knowledge (results in ‘good teaching’ when teachers can combine all elements of the framework)

I have included a diagram that easily demonstrates the relationship between the elements of the framework.  Simply click on the picture if you would like to check out the TPACK website.

TPACK framework

Reproduced by permission of the publisher, © 2012 by tpack.or

Check out Nadine’s post on TPACK, she has included some great resources for further investigation at the end of her blog!

Nadine’s News

Go Animate!

Check out the following site, Go! Animate, which allows you to create a simple animated short film.  You can choose different backgrounds, characters, voices and movements and combine all these elements to create an online artefact.  I am discovering different ways that I can use this site to create my first assignment!

The free version of the program allows you to upload audio files, however, in order to upload images or video clips you will need to upgrade to GoPlus.

The program has allowed me to select the characters I wish to communicate my message and program each character with a specific voice and mouth movements.

I am currently still developing my movie and working with the editing and timing, however, I think the end result may appear quite professional.

Reflection Week 2

Hi All,

Phew, what a week! After struggle street all through first week, it is fantastic to start seeing some results from what seemed like fruitless hours battling with my computer.

I have recently purchased a new laptop, therefore I have had to navigate new technology concepts and all in the new and unfamiliar environment of windows 8.  I have accomplished the set up of several new personal learning network sites including my blog, Twitter account and Diigo account.

I have found that, in attempting to achieve a broad outcome, such as the set up of my Diigo account, I need to overcome several small obstacles along the way.  I am discovering a slowly increasing competency at knowing where to go to find the information I need to overcome the obstable.  The more I explore ICT’s, the more I am able to achieve in a smaller amount of time.

In the coming week, I would like to start making connections within my PLN and begin interacting with my collegues!